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Monday, February 19, 2007

are you buying this rubbish!!!!!!!!

I really don't know if am a fool or what... no I am not.. I know that.. I just sold and posted another of my GB specials.. well, well over 100 GB Pounds of catalogue value for 10%cat and I think the condition was pretty good.. no tears.. no creases that I saw from a quick look and full perfs.. you know.. good stamps you would be pleased to have in your collection.. I was thinking, well I am selling these lots too cheap.. having looked at eBay these past few days... then I thought I'd look at another auction site.. I won't name them as they have no control over the crap that is listed there.. ok some might be ok.. but look at this...... it makes my blood boil..

I just sold 100 GB commemorative plus high value definitives.. definitives alone with cat close to 100 quid... and there is someone out there trying to sell this rubbish... please don't think me a fool.. think of the people that buy this rubbish... at any price....the fools...

The internet is a wonderful medium for all of us.. yet some brain dead can post 12 stamps.. most of which I would probably trash .....and ask for money for them,... please please dont buy this stuff.. if you want to collect stamps.. I will send this to you for free... seriously.... . see my free pack.. I am very serious.. I want people to enjoy stamp collecting and not feel ripped off in days. weeks, years to come.... and if you buy this rubbish you will feel that way..

yes I am on my hobby horse.. but I hope I am helping the good dealers and sellers do well and the sellers who have no idea ( but are out to sell a few stamps to a few people who are just starting in this wondeful hobby) I hope they disappear.. go on.. ask the seller if he / she is a member of the IPDA .. before you buy... see what reaction that gets you.. and also if you are not sure.. send me an email - - with the auction site / lot number details you are looking at and I will do my very best to give you my view of the stamps.. or maybe send them to you for free if they are like the rubbish shown above...

tell your friends and stamp collecting colleagues.. tell the stamp club boards you read.. we have to stop this rubbish being sold and the rip offs many of you must be unknowingly experiencing.

Enjoy your stamps... Best wishes.. Michael


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