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Monday, April 17, 2023

Cameroun – Aircraft on Stamps – Part IX

Hello,    thank you to my readers for comments. One mentioned a bomber as a likely aircraft in the previous stamp I showed. 

So here is a bomber, well according to my catalogue it is a bomber  although I have to say I cannot find much detail about the  stamp or the aircraft or even the supposed event it appears to be commemorating.

We can read the inscription, Liberation, and the dates from 1942 though to 1944 with a  quite convincing imagery of war.  But reading what little is available to me I cannot  find much about such events in Cameroun.  Could it be for a WW II related Liberation? although really that was 1945 I believe?  I welcome thoughts from readers more knowledgeable than me.

I have one more set of stamps to show for this  Cameroun  series and am once again asking for ideas for a new series.

You can send idea to me at   Hope to hear from you

Michael …. or visit my online store  



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