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Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Hello,  the other day I showed a Philippine stamp. Sorting through some more today and I saw this which I thought I would share. The normal stamp is quite common, the overprint is this good condition not so I think.   It shows Antonio Regidor, who was a very accomplished and interesting figure in Philippine life back in the mid to late 1800s. Worth reading about if you have the time.

This along with many more 1950 though 1970s Philippine stamps are now  available in the online store.  If only to  see some interesting history, do have a look.  As for the quality, some of the best I have seen for this period in a long time. Usually rather tattered with usage. 

And as you might expect from cddstamps we also show the  reverse of the stamp (as often as we can)  so you know exactly what you might adding to your collection.

Enjoy your philately,   we didn't get to over 57.000 positive feedbacks just by being good looking!!!!!!!!  😀

see you soon .... Michael


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