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Sunday, April 18, 2021

Hello,   I hope this finds  everyone fine and in good health. This corona virus is very annoying - one way of putting it!   Many of our local neighbourhoods are in lock down now. Oh well.  stamps keeps us occupied for sure.


Something different. This envelope.   I cannot see anything special about it from a flight perspective - do correct me if I am wrong - but I did think the address was interesting.   Our trip to New York last year was cancelled due corona virus. One day we will return. I love the place.  Anyway, this is what I think is an interesting address and one we will  definitely visit.

The building is shown below, an old picture and a more modern one. Rather beautiful building I think you might agree and wonderful that it is still there after all these years.

881-887 Broadway at 19th Street in the Flatiron District of Manhattan, lies within the Ladies Miles Historic District. The building takes up the entire block of 19th Street to Fifth Avenue, where its address is 115 Fifth Avenue. Originally built as the Arnold Constable Dry Goods Store in 1868-1869 and extended in 1873 and 1877, the building was designed by Griffith Thomas. The Broadway façade is marble, while the Fifth Avenue façade is cast iron. The building features a 2-story mansard roof - and a rather stunning one that has to be seen in my view.

All this from a few stamps on an old airmail envelope.   What a brilliant hobby.  

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