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Monday, April 05, 2021

Hello and welcome to the cddstamps blog.  A rather rewarding  hour today sorting some stamps for  children who wrote to us in response to our Children's Corner.  We even managed to get the stamps mailed as we found a Post Office open.     Easter Monday is not a public  holiday here but our local Post Office is closed because of the  local corona virus cases  but we were in  town for some essential food shopping and used the main office. 

Ok that is boring...:-)   but hey that is life these days.   Fortunately with stamps we are able to enjoy time locked in doors most of the time.  Hope you can enjoy your  stamp collections as much. 

And, if you know children who would like to start collecting or are just starting, please check out our Children's Corner  from here    or visit us here if you want to help

 Have a lovely day   Michael cddstamps


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