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Monday, April 06, 2020

Gibraltar Part VI and the last part I hope you enjoyed this series. write me if you did not? I have more to do on other countries.

It would not be too much an exaggeration to say that since about the mid 1960s the stamps of Gibraltar have basically been commemoratives with the usual definitive issues and as the years passed they were issued more for the thematic collector and revenue raising, one might say, than for postal needs, much as is now found across postal authorities worldwide. In 1965 there were two issues, the ITU Centenary issue with two stamps and the International Co-operation Year issue, also with 2 stamps. How things have changed; in 2015, there were 49 stamps excluding miniature sheets. This is the world over I suspect.

But I cannot finish without mentioning one issue from 2019, rather stunning. The 50th Anniversary of Concorde issue from April of that year. Surely just for the thematic collector, as I have yet to work out what Gibraltar had to do with Concorde!, even the Gibraltar Post website has no reference to why this issue, other than a 50th anniversary.

The post in Gibraltar is currently run by the Royal Gibraltar Post Office which in 2005 was granted the title of "Royal" by Her Majesty the Queen. Gibraltar is now the only Commonwealth or British Overseas Territory outside the United Kingdom that bears this distinction. The Gibraltar Post Office is now known as the Royal Gibraltar Post Office.

Gibraltar stamps can be bought direct from Gibraltar Post or from WOPA+ Stamps and Coins, the ecommerce platform for collectibles.

Enjoy your stamps michael


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