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Saturday, March 21, 2020

Hello, I hope everyone is still ok given the corona virus pandemic. Stay Safe. here is Part II of Gibraltar

When the Gibraltar Legislature decided to print and issue its own stamps the Bermuda design was chosen - seven values were printed and overprinted Gibraltar.

The stamps were printed in sheets of 240 - four panes of sixty each, in ten horizontal rows of six. The stamps were printed from one plate for each value and it was numbered “ 1 ” uncoloured on a disc within a coloured circle and printed photogravure by De La Rue.

The paper used for this special printing from Bermuda’s plates was machine-made with a Crown above “ CA ” watermark and with a comb machine 14 perforation.

During the period 1886 through to 1898 there were some interesting changes to the issues used. The five stamps below are used for example. The Bermuda overprints were in the contemporary currency of pence and shillings, then in late 1886 Gibraltar issued their own stamps, as Gibraltar, also in pence and shillings. By 1889 these were being overprinted in Spanish currency and valid until they were repurchased by the Post Office. In 1889 another issue was released in Spanish currency. However, the depreciation in the Spanish currency due to the result of the Spanish-American War caused the Government to revert to English currency in 1898. The colour shades are generally accepted to be different.

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