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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Gibraltar Part III

One stamp missing from most Gibraltar collections is the 1889 Spanish currency issue with value omitted (No Value) Error. It is the 10c Carmine value recorded as SG 23b and currently listed by Stanley Gibbons at £7000, although I am tempted to suggest it would fetch far more at auction.

Between 1903 and 1950 a variety of definitive and commemorative stamps were issued for the reigns of King Edward VII, George V and George VI including the common 1918 War Tax overprints we see from most British Commonwealth countries. No stamps were issued by Gibraltar for King Edward VIII.

The 1903, 1904 and 1906 issues command some rather high prices and can be a very interesting era to collect given the various papers, shades, and watermarks.

In 1921 a new issue was put on sale in the same designs as the pre¬ceding issue but in different colours and watermarked Multiple Script CA. The 1d, 3d, 6d. and 2s. were also issued in different colours during this period, and both ordinary and chalky papers were used.

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