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Thursday, September 05, 2019

Hello, I had an interesting email from a collector colleague this week and it inspired me to tell you about this stamp. Just in case you don't know of course.

This was from the 1938 Presidential issue SG 799 (Scott 803) This is an interesting stamp because firstly, there was no postal mail value on its own of ½c when it was issued so it was used as a make up value stamp, and secondly, Benjamin Franklin was not a US President. A fun trivia question that one, "what US President's issue stamp features someone who was not a President? Actually there was one other person,namely Martha Washington. There was also a third stamp that did not show a President and that was the 4½c value because it showed the White House.

Learning from stamps. So fulfilling. Oh one other piece of trivia, do you know how many of the ½c value were issued? Must be a competition there for readers. Send me an answer over the weekend and I will find some stamps to send for free to whoever gets the closest. email me at and please include your mailing address if you want to win.

Have a great philatelic weekend Michael


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