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Thursday, August 29, 2019

Hello, and this by popular Request, the 1st class stamps from the Curious Customs issue. The left stamp shows an image to represent the World Gurning Championships in Egremont. (a village in the English Lake District) If I was to write the following without this introduction I am pretty sure you would say I am making this up for a story. But this is for real. From the Royal Mail Presentation Pack material, believe it or not!

"At Egremont Crab Fair (founded in 1276) on the third Saturday in September there are deliberately revived traditional games that were common at such events in the past. Gurning (or girning) was a widespread dialect word from the same roots as grinning, originally signifying snaring or baring of teeth in rage. However, when it was adopted as an entertainment or competition at fairs gurning took on the meaning of pulling funny faces or ugly faces, with the contestant's face usually framed by a large horse collar" To really appreciate this check out the internet for some samples of the competition. You might not sleep well if you do it in the evening so I recommend it as a morning activity!

The things you learn from philately eh!

The right hand stamp depicts the burning of a full sized replica of a galley ( as in ship) in Lerwick, Shetland. Shetland people celebrating their viking heritage. A far more ordinary thing to do, burn something you spent weeks building,to ashes!

Enjoy your philately.



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