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Thursday, May 02, 2019

Improving your stamp collection. How best to do this.

One obvious way is to buy the stamp or stamps you need. But how do you decide who to buy from in this internet world where you have such an amazing choice of sellers.

What must seem like zillions of sellers across the various auction sites and various philatelic portals. Take Hipstamp, where cddstamps has our shop: there are 931 sellers. Now ok, not everyone will have what you need but you are presented with a vast choice.

Take as a random choice, and this really was a random stamp I thought of, Ceylon SG 395, SC#287 the 1r George VI from the 1938-44 Definitive issue. From two quick searches I found over 100 listings for this stamp. How do you possibly choose which one to buy. In fact, do you even bother to look at 100 listings and whittle them down to a few to chose from? I doubt it.

All this to say we at cddstamps have just passed 12,000 customer feedbacks in our Hipstamp store and yes, positive feedbacks. And you know what? We are pretty proud of that.

When looking for a stamp you can select by price, by the quality you want, from Mint to Used for example, by the listing description detail, the listing image details (and at cddstamps we usually show an image of the reverse on higher catalogued stamps), and seller reputation.

We hope you will give cddstamps a chance. We feel confident you will appreciate the listing details we provide – especially where it is needed on those stamps that are not simply, let’s call them the basic stamps, but, for example, where there are perforation differences and shade differences.

We look forward to welcoming new customers as we always do welcome our returning customers, have a great philatelic month of May.

You can read more at our website at or copy this link to get straight into our store

Best wishes Michael



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