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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Hello,   do you follow the cricket?  I am sure some of you do and some of you might be very happy with the result of the first Ashes test match between Australia and England.    Not me, I was supporting England, my first home country. 

Oh well, to cheer up myself I am hoping to see some good sales of GB stamps from the cddstamps online store, with this 48 hour 10% discount offer on all GB stamps.  - over 15,000 stamps to chose from I might add.

Cheer yourself up as well and get a few stamps to fill some gaps in your collection.  10 wicket loss, so sad,, so be happy with a 10% discount. -  starts on 27th November.

Enjoy your cricket and your stamps.    just copy or click click and then search by the SG number you are looking for



At 11:01 AM, Blogger Master said...

Hi Michael!
Being a Pakistani, cricket is embedded in my blood ... And yes it was a sad defeat for England ... 10 Wickets! Really!!!
Hopefully a better fight back and a few wins are on the cards for England but they will have to lift their game for that.

I am also collecting CRICKET stamps! :-)


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