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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Hello, continuing the theme of two stamps that look the same but are not. These two were issued in coils in 1971. They had two types, known as Type I and Type II.  Type I, the left hand stamp, has a much thinner typeface for the word Australia and a thinner 2 in the value. Quite easy to see. Which one do you have?   Type I is SG 465a with a catalogue value of just 20p (GBP) while Type II is SG 465b with a catalogue value of £1.25. Cat value is not everything of course but nice to know which is which I think, especially if you are in a stamp exchange. 

My apology,  a little plug for the cddstamps online store cannot be missed. We have a few pairs for sales in the store, at the time of writing, and the same goes for the Waratah stamps I showed the other day.   We also have some 8000+ Australia stamps from which we hope you might be able to fill a few gaps in your collection.  And, all new listing have both SG and Scott catalogue references and reason for issue description so it will be easy for you to find a specific stamp that you might be looking for.   

Enough said  just visit the store at

Enjoy your stamps   Best wishes   Michael


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