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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Hello,   only one full day before we leave for a long philatelic ( and other things I guess) weekend in Hong Kong. Just a reminder about cddstamps Australia 20% sale.  If you are looking to get some Australia stamps to complete a few gaps in your collection  and want them mailed from Hong Kong so they arrive before Christmas please get your orders in withing the next 36 hours.  You can find our Australian stock, Here  and with 20% off as our Christmas special.

Now for this stamp and a little quiz. First correct answer received before we leave for Hong Kong will receive a selection of  older Australian stamps.  probably about 100 or so.   random selection

A bit devious really,  but why am I showing it today 14th November, It is the best I could find related to a rather famous event to do with comets and comet discoveries. Perhaps I am making it too easy after all :-)   Just email me the answer to  and please include your mailing address. No address no chance to win as I wont know where to mail the stamps to.
Enjoy your philately  Michael


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