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Saturday, July 29, 2017

Hello,  what does one do on a rainy Sunday......  sort some stamps.... and I found plenty that needed sorting. I made up two packets of 50 GV and GVI GB.    example above.

Thought maybe two new collectors would like them, A bit of a basic "used" starter group with a few duplicates.  If you think one of these (they not exactly the same but similar to the image shown)  would be useful to you, just email me at with your mailing address and I will send to you for free. First two emails will get them.

Enjoy your stamps and please,  if you have gaps your the GB collection why not look at my online store.  copy this link  or click here to go to the GB stamps. listed in the store  and then type the SG number or a key word to search for what you are looking for -  for example, type granite and see what you find :-)  if that doesn't appeal to you type sherlock and press enter :-)     Nearly 14,000 GB stamps for sale at competitive  prices I think.

Best wishes   Michael


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