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Monday, June 05, 2017

 Hello, I thought I would show this lovely copy of SG 77 - the 1953 Coronation issue form Southern Rhodesia. It is mint never hinged and has lovely colouring and excellent centering I think you might agree

I show this because we have just listed 260 Southern Rhodesia stamps  including mint never hinged, mint hinged, VFU to good used, perforation varieties and blocks to the cddstamps online store HERE 

A great chance to fill some gaps in your collection as much of the material we have loaded is stock not previously listed by us. 

Also FYI, We will be visiting Sydney Australia from 16th June to 20th June. This gives us the opportunity to mail orders from there. 

For Australia and New Zealand customers it will mean very much faster mail delivery. For other overseas customers it should also give a faster delivery.

Also, we have been clearing some boxes and found the last 13 perforation gauges in stock and will include a free gauge with the first 13 orders with total value over USD $5

This offer lasts until all perf gauges gone or until the evening (my time) on 14th June. I hope that gives you time to look through the store and find some GB and British Commonwealth (mostly pre 1970 Brit Comm) stamps to help you fill a few more gaps in your collection.

Oh, and I will use nice older Australia commemorative stamps on the mailing

Best wishes enjoy your collecting Michael


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