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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Hello and welcome to 2017. Happy New Year everyone. My best wishes to you all and I hope it is a great philatelic year for you all.

Let’s start the year with George VI and this nice pair which includes one copy of SG 461a, the colon flaw variety.  These were issued nearly 80 years ago. In fact in May this year it will be the 80th Anniversary of George VI’s Coronation.

You might not know it but there were two designs submitted to the King for this stamp. The one we are very familiar with of course, but also this one.   I think he made a very good choice.

More George VI over coming weeks. And something else you might not know…… cddstamps has over 200 GB GVI stamps in our online store.    Visit us here    and see if you can fill a gap or two in your collection.

Best wishes enjoy your stamps….. Michael


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