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Monday, September 05, 2016

Hello everyone, another beautiful GB stamp today. SG 478 from the 1939 - 48 High Value George VI issue.

Since my last post when I commented that my new online store at Hipstamp would be for Great Britain only things have changed a bit. No sooner had I said that than I got an email saying that all Bidstart items would be moved to and that eventually Bidstart would be replaced by the new Hipstamp platform.

No problem as I think the new Hipstamp platform is looking very good. You certainly get a very clear and large image of the stamp(s) you are viewing.

Having said that I can now announce that cddstamps has 22,500 listings in our Hipstamp store. some 9000 GB alone. So much opportunity to fill a few gaps in your collection. And, I realise,  with the GB / USA exchange rate being so bad (for me) but good for you the prices are very competitive, and even more so on my recent listings which are priced on the current exchange rates.

Have a look, at cddstamps at, or just click here    If you need a copy of this high value  I have quite a few for sale, from good used to spacefillers with heavy parcel cancels - priced to suit all budgets I hope.

best wishes    Michael


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