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Sunday, August 14, 2016


Hello,  I hope you enjoy seeing these. Hard to tell the difference from the scans because the difference is in the perforations.
The 1989 Sports Issue had some interesting variations which I have been listing in my Bidstart Store this past week. There were some stamps issued with both perf 14  x 14½  and perf 13½   with the variety perf catalogued at a much high price.
The above left is SG 1186 issued as perf 13½  with a catalogue value of 70p while the right hand stamp is SG 1186a perf 14 x 14 ½ and has a catalogue value of 3.25. Have you got both copies in your collection? For all perforation varieties -  8 of the 19 stamps in the issue were issued with both perforation sizes. If not please have a look at my Bidstart store here  or copy this link and perhaps you will be able to fill a few gaps, especially the perhaps harder to get perforation differences for the issue. Just type the SG number into the “search store for”
For those browsing the lots you might notice I had a mental block when listing the stamps – they are all listed as Australia Day – not Sports. Don’t ask me why I had that in the listing title, senility maybe :-)  
Enjoy your stamps

Best wishes… Michael


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