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Saturday, August 06, 2016

Hello, I do hope everyone is having a great philatelic weekend. I am. It has been raining most of the past two days so that means I have no excuse to go outside and do other things, like sun bathing and swimming J

First my congratulations to Vera from Queensland  Australia who sent the first correct answer to last weeks competition. It must have been a harder question than I realized as I did get incorrect answers, and not many others.  The 4 stamps will be mailed to you Vera on Monday.

Keeping with my Australia theme, but trying to make it topical – ie the Olympics -  I hope you like the above. Another chance to test your knowledge, although this is really easy if you think about it.
At least in those days there were usually just the 4 stamps per issue.   Fortunately I stopped collecting new issues many years ago. Actually right after the 2000 Sydney Olympics.  I still have all those winner sheets somewhere, same as millions of other collectors. What a waste of money! J

Anyway, less of my ramblings.  Name the year and the city for each of the Olympic games stamps shown. Email answers please  to, with mailing address please. I do not keep addresses.
I will select the 5th correct email and I will mail these stamps to you.

Enjoy your philatelic weekend.     Michael     ………where you will find nearly 2000 Australia stamps for sale – here -  to help you fill some gaps in your collection at affordable prices and with nice quality.  May start listing some more now I think about it 


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