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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Hello and welcome to the blog. I do hope you enjoy seeing this stamp above, A nice Mint block of 4.

SG 619 from the 1960 Tercentenary of Establishment of General Letter Office issue.  Nothing too spectacular about it, although it is a nice design I think, but sadly it does not have the flaw shown below.

The reason I am showing it is to remind readers  how worthwhile it could be to have a good catalogue so you know that a flaw like this exists and can check for it.

I am currently sorting lots of old stock - and listing them in my NEW ONLINE STORE - yes this is the announcement of the Store - only stamps of  Great Britain are being listed -  and while the flaw variety will not be listed, nearly 4000 other GB stamps will be - I expect to hit the 4000 mark by the end of the month, as I write I am at 3700.

Have a look and enjoy the selection, the prices revised to reflect the low GB  / USA exchange, and a lower postal rate to entice sales.

My new Store just for Great Britain is at Hipstamp.    I am cddstamps there and you can find me from this  direct link  I will be listing more as the weeks go by and if you cannot find what you want, then either visit the Bidstart Store or email me at

Have a great philatelic weekend ... Enjoy your stamps... Michael


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