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Monday, June 13, 2016

Hi, well done to all who entered last nights competition. First email came from Tony in the UK. Prize is on its way.

More giveaways tonight - I am moving in a few weeks (leaving Hong Kong and relocating to Philippines so a biggish move) and doing some cleaning up as I pack - nothing special in these maybe - I have not studied them in detail. Most are without gum and no obvious postal cancel.  A 1/2p pairs are Mint unhinged.  No idea where I got them from but looks like they go back to early 1970s. Nothing of great value but perhaps useful for someone as they are free to the third email to me at if you include an address I can mail them to.

If I find more while cleaning up and before I mail them I will add them to this small selection.

Enjoy your stamps

Michael -  where you can easily and cheaply fill some gaps in your collection at a competitive price.


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