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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Hello, I was sorting out the study today and came across these in Presentation Pack 46, the Souvenir Book.

I have both a Mint Unhinged set and a Souvenir Book with the stamps. The Book has a few marks but the stamps are in good MUH condition. If anyone would like these just email me at

First email will get the Booklet, cat £4.00 and the second will get the two stamps above Cat for the set at £1.50.

Issue on November 20th 1972 to mark the 25th Wedding Anniversary   In a few days time that will be the 68th Wedding Anniversary.

Best wishes....Michael

PS don't forget the Christmas Crossword Competition. Entries already arriving so I know it is not that difficult. See previous post for details and the Crossword, or write to me and I will send you a copy of it.


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