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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Hello,  for those of you who collect  or are interested in Royal Mail Post and Go stamps I hope you enjoy seeing these, from unit A006 issued at the Singpex 2015 on 15th August.

 I was at the Exhibition yesterday and even though the machines were not working when I was there, very forst thing in the morning (again, same problem we had in Seoul last year) I was able to get  these thanks to the excellent service of the gentleman manning the booth.  That is another story. Just tonight to show you these.

 Two machines, as you probably already know, are unit A006 - on the left, and A008.   You can see the details if you click image and enlarge I think.

If you want more details or images of the individual units just write to me at

And yes the time stamp is UK time.



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