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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Hello, welcome to April. No April Fools lines from me, just this lovely FDC.  Issued to me  25 years ago. and in stunning condition.  It has SG1467, 1469, 1471, 1473 and 1474 on it. My 2014 Collect British stamps lists it at £7.00. It is in my Bidstart Store for way less than that I can assure you.

But, and this is a reason I am showing it, I read the 2015 issue of Stangley Gibbins Collect British Stamps is published, and the review I read said many prices had been revised. Upwards I can only presume.  No idea what has happened to this but I do think the stamps are very collectible and not that easily found for everyone.

Anyone got a copy of the 2015 catalgue yet?  and can you tell me if the catalogue value has changed. Maybe the individual stamps have if not the FDC.  email me at

I do not have time to revise listing prices, I have over 4000 GB stamps in the Store and I do not have the 2015 issue anyway so more bargains are there for the taking.

And why did think of all this, because I sold a cover today and this got me thinking, Someone smart picking up a good deal for their collection.

Enjoy your stamps and if you want to fill a few gaps in your collect please enjoy visiting  here. You will see I have even cleaned up the page to make it easier to find the country you are looking for. And, of course to find this cover just type 1990 in the Search For field and up it will come, with others from 1990.

Best wishes... Michael.

PS if you do not already receive my monthly - easy to read one page - Newsletter also drop me an email and I will send  the April edition to you.  You won't know what you are missing until you read it :-)


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