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Friday, January 09, 2015

TGIF and time for a quiz me thinks.  The cover above is close to 20 years old now. Wow!  how time flies.  Australia day 2015  in a few weeks. I wonder what Australia Post will issue this year. I suppose I could look it up but am feeling jaded from a busy week and no time for stamps. :-)

Hope you like it. Reason I am showing it, apart from upcoming Australia Day is that I read a thread on one site about FDC (First Day Covers)  basically saying that FDCs had little to no value now.

Well sadly that is generally true, if one uses the stamp fairs and internet sales to judge by.

The value,  is to you and your enjoyment of owning and completing whatever is your collection.

Not everything has to be judged solely by monetary worth, does it?

Want this cover? Ok the quiz.  No nothing about Australia Day,  tell me what mistake I made in this write up. :-)   lets see who is paying attention.   Email me at with your mailing address and first correct answer , the cover will be mailed to you.

have a great weekend  

Michael    -   where you know you can fill a few gaps in your collection at small prices.

Hint,   click image to enlarge and then back arrow to return here


At 5:12 AM, Blogger Pablo (yo) said...

I was about to comment the mistake, before reading the complete post :S


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