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Monday, December 08, 2014

Hello, yes am back again and I hope you like these. I just loaded some nice quality Australia to my Bidstart Store. Priced for a Christmas present to you. Of course, as I hope you also know, you can get my cddstamps tweezers for free as a Christmas present for yourself if you spend $15, or close to, excluding postage. Lots of customers have bought and got a few pairs so I think they must like them. I use them all the time and think they are really good. These two stamps are from the 1979 (SG 567, the $5 value) and the 1977 (Sg 567a the $10 value) Paintings issue. Some 35 plus years ago and in lovely condition. Check out all country listings here, not too many as I keep to a more specialised GB and Commonwealth selection with a good range and prices to meet your budget. More Christmas specials over coming days as I find time between parties :-) Best wishes Michael


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