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Sunday, November 02, 2014

Hello,  how was your weekend?  Good I hope and with time for stamps.  I finished loading more of my Nyasaland stock to my Bidstart Store. It occurred to me perhaps I should look and see if other sellers have the same material listed.  Always good to know your competition.  Interestingly, to me at least, I found no other copies from a stock of just over 2000 Nyasaland stamps, of many that I am listing.

If you want to fill a gap in your collection of Nyasaland, or even others like Northern or Southern Rhodesia, or Rhodesia, then I think you will enjoy looking at my stock.  More Rhodesia in coming week I hope as I have more that I want to get listed for you.   Prices always competitive and stamp quality is always well described.

I really like these early issue from the Rhodeia period. Hope  you enjoy seeing this one above, SG 208. Oh and don't forget, orders of $15 excluding postage get my customer Christmas present.



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