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Monday, December 01, 2014

Hello, and welcome to December. Christmas just 24 days away. What are you treating yourself to for Christmas? I got my presents, all stamps. They all arrived, and with being so busy I have not even opened them all yet. These I did open. I hope you enjoy seeing them.
The 1947 Air Mail issue. Lovely and in mint unhinged condition. A nice addition to my aviation collection. Not even touched by hand I might add, well by me anyway, as I use my tweezers. You can have a pair for free if you buy from my Bidstart Store before Christmas. My Christmas present to you. Please visit and enjoy. I have a very good selection from some 14 British Commonwealth countries and a reasonable selection for 15 others. Over 11300 listing to chose from. Treat yourself for Christmas and get a pair of my tweezers for free. Best wishes.. Michael


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