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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Hello, a few stamps tonight because I can.   These above are the new Concession stamps from Australia Post. Next to the word Post is the word Concession. No value. They are for people in Australia who qualify for a Concession of some sort and are a reduce rate for postage in Australia. I think you can save 5c a stamp over normal postage. It will be interesting to see if this gets people to start sending letters again!!!! Thanks to my awesome mate Larry for getting these for me. I must remember to buy him a beer next next time I am there.

Below, a few of the new Australia Listings in my Bidstart Store. I have made time this past weekend to get my stock numbers back up and apart from lots of Southern Rhodesia  and some Rhodesia and Nyasaland I have listed more Australia. Most I did not have listed in the the Store before. One reason for that is that I now have my new 2014 catalogue so I now know the SG numbers.

Anyway I hope you enjoy looking and are able to fill a few gaps in your collection. Prices around 10% to 25%  of SG Catalogue I might and condition is really nice. Just click the links above or visit  cddstamps.


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