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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Hello, I guess many readers are engrossed in the World Cup these days. Sadly not me as I cannot get the games on television, although to be honest, while I love the game, I really don't have the time to watch TV. Or I chose to do different things with my time I should say.

I was reminded of this when looking through some covers to list in my Bidstart Store and came across this one from Canada.  Such a long time ago now. Issued in 1976 and it is still in lovely condition. A sealed envelope in fact although nothing inside.

One other philatelic related activity you might say, is that I have issued the July Newsletter. If you do not already get a copy please email me at  It has aerophilately as a theme, is only one page and therefore a quick read,  and some nice pictures of one of my Flown First Flight Covers on the Asiana A380 inaugurals a few weeks back.

Best wishes.. enjoy your philatelic activities.



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