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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Hi, Hope you like this cover tonight.  click image to see larger view then click back arrow - I wonder if you can name the games? These stamps were issued in 2004 to show the winning entries in a children's stamp design competition to show children's games.

I thought this would be nice gift  for someone, so I will take the 4th email  that tells me the correct games me at and please include your mailing address.

If you know children who collect stamps I have just finished consolidating all my duplicates and used stamps, some with light creases and missing perfs, into my Children's Corner box  (actually a rather large bag). Will email a packet of a handfull ( usually 50 to 100 stamps) if  you email me as above.

Have a wonderful weekend.

cddstamps - click the link,  just look and see if you can fill a gap or two in your collection form my Bidstart Store listings. Over 9500 stamps and I will be listing more over the coming weeks.  Sales do help me cover my costs for sending all the free stamps I send.


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