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Friday, February 14, 2014

Hi, happy weekend. Look at what I found in my mail last night. Are Australia Post,, and I guess Hong Kong Post trying to be nice to me for once. This mailed from Australia and it has got through the Australia Post system with no stamp, and of course no postal cancel. Now I know I am not happy with Australia Post but surely they are not trying to be nice to me.  More like their usual incompetence I would think.

This something I purchased on eBay. Perhaps I should also ask the send for a refund of the Postage charge I paid  hahahahahahahaha...  Nice move if you can get away with it.

Have a great Philatelic weekend



At 3:26 AM, Blogger JohnOz said...

Things are just as bad with Royal Mail, even after their privatisation. Fully 25 to 30% of my mail is unfranked and about 10% more "hand" cancelled in biro. I recently received (this week in fact) a package from a dealer by Special Delivery, which is £6.22 a throw. The dealer kindly put 10 of the 1st class "Post & Go" Birds of Britain series of postal labels on the package. Some woodentop at Royal Mail cancelled them by scribbling all over them in ball point pen, thus totally devaluing them. I was not amused!


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