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Saturday, December 07, 2013

Interlude between Christmas stamps because I found these today and thought I'd ask if anyone can advise

I have a few copies found in recent sortings and am not sure of them.

The Left had stamp   has 2 phosphor bands, the right hand has 1 centre band (well it looks very much like that to me) different shares of deep blue as you might be able to see.  The 1 center band has very white reverse, the 2 band is creamy white.

Also,  How do you tell difference between self adhesive and ordinary gum?  Any advice would be most appreciated.
And yes I have Deegams.. somewhere J

Thanks. Michael


At 12:54 AM, Blogger Adrian said...

Hi Michael!
You should look again at your one band stamp because it shouldn't exist! All E stamps have 2 bands and as far as I know the variety of "one band missing" has not yet been recorded.
This stamp has been printed by four different printers and the colours don't really match so there are many shades to be found.
As for the ordinary and self-adhesive versions: self-adhesive stamps have perfs which are incredibly neatly cut and never torn, never fluffy at the edges.
Also, with this E stamp, there is only one self-adhesive version and that has much stubbier serifs on the letter E.


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