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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hello,    I showed some Christmas stamps recently. Today I received my copy of the Gibraltar Stamps Bulletin. Lovely issue as I have come to expect from these folk.    A good read and some lovely pictures. Not that I am a Gibraltar collector I might add. Why bother. Stamps issued for no reason other than to collect philatelic revenue,  although they have done nice aviation issues so I am addicted to them :-)

But what about these Christmas stamps.  Well, nice is my view. Certainly far better than that garbage Royal Mail issued :-)     beauty in the eye of the beholder I guess .What do you think I wonder?    and why a 10p stamp? surely that is not a postal rate?    Well actually it is .. local mail.     oh lucky people to have it so low. :-)   and why a £2 stamp.  seems over the top to me,  maybe lots of 2000 grm parcels expected to Spain and 4 of these will do the trick. hmmmmmmm :-)

Anyway.. nice stamps. Well done Gibraltar Post.   Hope you enjoy seeing them.



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