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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hi, started reading the Royal Mail brochure I received yesterday. It is describing the Team GB Gold Medal Winners stamp issue, for the 2012 Olympics. Basically Royal Mail will issue, over night after a GB gold medal win, a Miniature sheet. example above. Stamps will be on sale by noon the following day. I remember Australia Post doing same in 2000 and somehow I managed to get the complete issue. Pricey I think but manageable. Fpor Royal mail the catch is the price. Well it seems a lot to me. For example, if Great Britain win 19 golds the cost of the MS alone is £61.56. Now that is not small potatoes is it?. For a few stamps.. or 6 of the same of each winner. If you want a FDC with MS that will be £82.08. Now in Hong Kong dollars that is $760 and $1013 respectively. My yearly subscription for two copies of all HK issues is not $700 HK. Think I might miss this Royal Mail issue. What will you do? I am interested to hear from anyone who will be subscribing to the Royal Mail Issue service. Why? Best answer will win a nice set of recent Hong Kong Commemorative stamps.:-) Michael


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