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Sunday, April 08, 2012

Hello, sorry, been away and little time to write although I have done some more stamp sorting. Lots of nice quality used Machin security copies and more stamps in my childrens' corner collection.

I have been looking at Machin security issues on eBay and you can buy the odd one, plus postage and pay a fair price when everything is added up. Look at what you get from me CDDSTAMPS SECURITY MACHIN COLLECTION this from my entry to the Great Britain Philatelic but I will send you a collection of 27 used stamps 2009 - 2011, nicely cut on paper for US $25.00, all identified and including postage and packing plus I will include a few extra of the Large Format 1st and 2nd class stamps, identified of course . Now that is a lovely collection to get you started.

Also, for children collecting I am sending 100 or thereabouts free stamps to children and new collectors, I pay postage. Please be honest. I have been sorting lots of stamps I received from an old friend. Completely random pick from a large box. Just send me an email to subject "free stamps" with your mailing address. This offer is special and only applies to first 10 emails but don't let that hold you back

An Easter treat I hope......... Best wishes ... Michael


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