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Friday, March 02, 2012

Hello, I am back in Sydney for a few days. A very wet Sydney I might add. Found various piles of mail for me on my arrival and a few auction catalogues included. When these are sent to me the auction houses here in Australia use old stamps.

So what is your old mint collection worth. Probably more if you use the stamps on your mail :-)

Argh, the joys of buying mint stamps and thinking they will be worth something in years to come.
These were issued in 1975 / 1976 yes true.. and for those of you without a calculator LOL that is 36 years ago and they are worth nothing more than postage. In fact if you look around you will see $1000 face value selling for up to 25% less.

I must study the 75th Anniversary of nationhood copies as there was a variety - the emu's leg without toes, although not worth that much I believe. Then again that issue also had some interesting colour omissions and if you have one of them you will be very happy. So it might not be all bad news after all.

Have a great weekend Michael


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