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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hello, I don't like being so busy that I have no time for stamps. My relaxation and stress therapy. But, I did at last find some time today to do three philatelic activities.

One was to collect my mail from the local Post Office - a copy of the new Hong Kong Post Centenary of Powered flight in Hong Kong MS. Very nice as well. Sadly it was sold out by end of first day of issue so I was unable to get the extra copies I wanted.

Second, I packed up a few envelopes of stamps for my Childrens Corner. If you know of children who are starting to collect or looking to add more to their collection get them to write to me at Free stamps are theirs. I pay all mailing charges.

Third, I had a look at a website I sponsor - no not self promotion but one I think you should bookmark if you are interested in Australia stamps. Enormous amount of work has gone into this site by the owner, my friend Larry. Have a look at Australian Stamp Catalogue

have a great weekend............. Michael


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