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Sunday, January 09, 2011

just a reminder

Hello, it has been well over 7 months since I wrote on this topic and I thought it was time again to do so. If you are buying on the internet (or anywhere for that matter) do make sure you understand the quality and condition of the stamps(s) you are buying and not just by relying of the sellers description. This stamp is described as F-VFU on an auction site I visit occasionally. It is damaged. Have a look and well it is pretty obvious. Don't waste your money buying this even for a space filler. It really is not worth it. It should be thrown in the bin in my view. Yes I know it has reasonably high cat value but it is not worth a penny!!

Also, and a plug here for the IPDA (Internet Philatelic Dealers Association Inc, try to make sure you are buying from someone who is an accredited member of some worthy organisation, like the IPDA for example. I can never give 100% guarantee there will never be a poorly described stamp but members are usually pretty reliable and keen to maintain high standards in the descriptions and the material they sell.

Best wishes.. Michael


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