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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Postal frankings... a comparison

Hello, thought you might like to see these two scans.. I picked up some mail yesterday.. one from Adelaide in South Australia, the other from the US. Interesting. I realise the SA stamps were on a large envelope but 5 franks would have covered the stamps.. not 16. Someone very enthusiastic with the chop!

Also, Thanks to Ian Billings for some further information and clarification on the GB Christmas variety I have been writing about. See his comments in the previous post. Ian is a recognised luminary in the GB world as far as I am concerned and you can read his excellent writings at Norphil Blogspot

Enjoy your stamps ............ Michael


At 7:52 PM, Anonymous Charlie in Florida said...

Haha, I recognise that cancellation. Port St Lucie, Florida, where there was no long line one afternoon and a helpful young girl behind the counter. For once the request to hand cancel the stamps did not draw the kind of look that one might expect by speaking Swahili in China.
For the benefit of your readers who are not familiar with it, the four stamps celebrate the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in Manhattan, New York City. Each fall the parade, with giant helium balloons representing children's favorite cartoon charactors, high school and college marching bands, military and fraternal groups as well as ensembles of dancers from popular Broadway shows wind their way along Broadway to the front of Macy's Department Store at 35th Street. The parade culminates with Santa Claus arriving and entering the store which is supposed to open the X-mas shopping season.
The biggest benefit to the TV viewer is it keeps the youngsters entertained while the traditional Thanksgiving Day turkey and feast is prepared in the kitchen and some of us rest in overstuffed armchirs in anticipation of the coming football games.


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