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Monday, November 09, 2009

Time for a Quality Check - Part II

Hello, I thought I would continue this topic with a few other points.

First the stamps I show. While the stamps I showed last night were from an Auction listing I did not tell you that they were Scott 159-162, or better known as SG 351 - 368. :-) Mind you having said that, there are quite a few colour and error varities of each of these stamps: just listing as Scott 159 -162 is saying these are pretty basic stamps. But then again anyone listing them with the torn corners they have may not know much more and there could be a 10 million to one chance there is sleeper variety there; But I doubt it. As for my stamps above, I quickly picked from my stock without studying them until I saw them on the screen. I have 100s of these. Not all perfect by any means, but good for checking shades and for varieties. There are a few short perfs I note now I have scanned them, but nothing as bad as the short corners on the ones I showed last night. Hope you can see this. And you can appreciate that there are watermark varieties of these stamps, as my scan shows both a Royal Cypher and Block Cypher grouping. Not that you can see the difference :-)

Thought you might also like to know the ones last night were listed to start bidding at $1.49 - US that is -...... you can buy these in very nice condition off a very respectable UK dealers web site for less than a dollar - excluding postage cost I will add, for both. So don't be deluded by Catalogue Value. I know the catalogue value from SG 2009 is £6.50, and the dealer selling price is about 60p GB. Bear that in mind. For material like this try swaps and exchanges through stamps boards. I am sure you will get so much more, or, dare I say it, buy from my website cddstamps and get many many many times the value you would get from these item by item auctions. Ok yes I am plugging myself but that is not really the point ............ the point is you will not necessarily get what you should be getting when you buy these item by item auction lots.

Enjoy your stamps.................. Michael


At 6:28 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fine business, Mike.
Once again we have an example of a "Catalog Listing" getting so far removed from actual value that the usefulness of the Catalog's pricing comes into question.
I suspect any world wide collector has accumulated hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of these items and if we could sell even a fraction of them at half the "catalog's Listing" we would all be rich.
That said I want to also point out that as you mention there are many shade varieties and watermark varieties, as well as interesting plate flaws. These are what make collecting postally used definitives from sets that were in use for a few years so much fun.
As for condition, there are so many of these and similar wildings on hand that unless some reasonably unusual variety is found, stamps with such clipped corners are consigned to the circular file.
Lecanto, Florida


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