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Saturday, August 29, 2009

no printer, no scanner

Here I am looking forward to showing you what I bought on eBay. I thought I was getting robbed and how glad I am that I was correct. Yes I am glad because I just had to buy to get the truth.. only a few bucks so well worth it if I can save others who know no better. Sadly I have no scanner or printer.. got home last night and the machine is dead. No idea why. Have to get a new one tomorrow.. I so want to share this "fraud" with you all. Wish there was something I could do to stop it.... but there is not and many people will not be reading my blogs or knowing any better and paying money to this guy.. oh it angers me....

such is life I guess.. but a lesson to pass on to other please. Please share in your clubs and wherever you can

Hope to have a scanner / printer tomorrow.

Best wishes, enjoy your stamps.. Michael


At 8:12 PM, Anonymous Charlie said...

I saw this on the webpage;
" ... I will use a full set of the new Australia Indigenous issue on every Overseas order placed in April. ... "
Did you mean "August"?

At 2:05 AM, Blogger cddstamps said...

Charlie, Hi.. I think when I listed that it was April.. oops.. need to update the site..

Best wishes..Michael

At 6:30 AM, Anonymous Charlie said...

I made that comment just so you would know that someone is paying attention out here.

At 2:14 AM, Blogger cddstamps said...

Thanks Charlie.. much appreciated




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