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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Are we going mad.............

Yes... it seems some are.. I just saw this on an auction site... Yes it was advertised as a Cinderalla.. but there were 6 bids already on this.. why??

Oh, and a handful of similar other made up named countries ..... I just don't get it.. it is worth zilch.. surely??? if you want one print your own .. cost a few cents off your computer..surely ..... I shouldn't even be writing about this, should I.. It is not philatelic in my view... but some smart rs selling under stamps.. there should be a section (3F, perhaps) on that auction site for Fakes, Frauds and Fabrications..... (I know one supposed A380 related seller who is right up there... selling more fraudulent and ficticious material than you can imagine) .......and by the way, as the seller rightly says.....Eddie Murphy created Zamunda as a fictitious African nation and it was used in the film Coming to America. ....and then goes on to say .."Looking for other historic stamp reprints or recreations? Go to my eBay store and click on the Stamp Reprints" well at least they are telling the truth.. recreations .. love that word :-)

Back to real stamps soon :-) Hope you are not one of those that got conned........ Best wishes...Michael


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