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Saturday, August 15, 2009

6 7 8 9

Hello, well I am back in Sydney for two days, the weekend :-) and time for some stamps.

I mailed a letter to myself a week ago.. this is the franking I got. Not Australia Post at its best.. but it is still quite collectable I think.

Not often you can get 4 nunbers right .. 6pm, 7th day of 8th month of (200) 9th year

and the over frank (don't you just love the post office either no frank or two) .. clearly shows 7 8 9.

well it amused me.

Hope everyone well.. sorry not posting much but being away Monday to Friday for work leaves me little time for stamp related activities.

Best wishes.. Michael


At 7:18 AM, Anonymous Charlie - Lecanto said...

Cute cover Mike.
Perhaps not destined to become a classic, but something to show potential collectors to arouse their interest.
I have several technically or at least philatelicly insignificant covers that have something in the addressee or routing that I find are more likely to spark some interest than pages and pages of my treasured Machins.
While I find several long definitive sets very interestin, even somewhat exciting, I know from experience that Norse Posthorns or Wilhelmenas and Julianas tend to generate a stiffled Y-a-w-nnnn.

At 4:05 AM, Blogger cddstamps said...

nice comment Charlie.. yes there is a lot to interest us.. assumimng genuine :-) see tonights post :-) M


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