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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Australia New issue 28 July - Micro Monsters

Hello, yes been away.. first time in over two weeks had any time to write. Thought you might like to see these. Due for issue on Monday, tomorrow, but my friendly Post Office guy sold them to me yesterday. The stamps feature an Ant (inspiring stuff eh!!), a jumping spider (that is, they could not find one doing dressage ha ha ha ha) and a jumping castle didn't quite fit the theme, ok no more jumping jokes, a weevil, a hatchet wasp, a ground beetle and a dead leaf mimic mantis aka a praying mantis.

Now if you collect such thematics this is the issue you have been waiting for, right :-) The miniature sheet itself shows a detail of a common cabbage white butterfly's wing photographed with a scanning electron microscope, that is with magnification well over one million times.

Awesome when you think about. If you don't, well at least I hope you enjoyed seeing the stamps :-) They are rather cute don't you think, Nice for the children and if that encourages them to collect and enjoy stamps then all well and good.

Will try to write again soon but I fly out again tomorrow and will likely have no time until next weekend..... write me and tell me how much you miss me :-) it may, if I get back from work in time, motivate me to write from my hotel room :-)

Have a great week .. Best wishes.. Michael


At 4:25 AM, Blogger Eric said...

Hi Michael

Well nice stamps indeed. Strange subject nevertheless. I wonder if a lot of people would like to find those creatures on their mail ;-)
Take care


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