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Monday, May 25, 2009

Unused no Gum .... derrgghh....

Unused, no gum... actually I am rather bored reading that expression. What about you? What exactly is the seller telling you?

Basically that the stamp was on an envelope or some such package and went through the mail but was not postally franked. They, or someone, has soaked it and is now representing it as mint stamp, albeit with no gum.

Ok, so is the stamp unused? No, I don't think so. So why not say, "used but not franked by the postal authorities"

Well for a starter it would be honest, and god forbid we should expect that from some auction sellers. After all, the Auction sites don't police the quality and authenticity of what is being offered.. and why should they ( my answer is another 5 pages so I wont go there :-)

Morale: Do read between the lines when you are looking at stamps on auction sites.

Here is one of my favourites from recent viewings. Unused stamps maybe :-)

Yet .. there is a bid on this.. described as 20 vintage postage stamps.......... well my maths was honed many years ago at the University of Toronto and I cannot see 20 stamps, and this is the only page in the listing, and if vintage is used as an adjective..... I don't think so ........... and if used as a noun, well no, sorry!!!! Who is trying to sell this rubbish..... rhetorical question..... I doubt there is even a perforation or watermark variety there.

Enjoy your stamps, and please don't be one of those people who fall into the "buyer beware" trap.

Best wishes .. Michael

Footnote: if you ever want to bid on a lot and are unsure.. write me. I am a Director of the IPDA ( ) and if I don't know I think one of my fellow Directors will, or will know where to go to get an informed opinion.


At 9:23 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

To most sellers currently putting things on the net to sell, "Vintage" means "Before I crawled out of nthe cabbage patch" which may not be all that old at all.
And of course, as you are no doubt aware, what the guy claiming "Unused, no gum" for recent stamps really means is used, "but with no cancel" so the item can be re-used and the postal agency defrauded.
On older stamps the meaning is that if you are skilled enough you might be able to put "original gum" on the stamp and re-sell it as mint, unhinged.

At 3:51 AM, Blogger cddstamps said...

great comments Charlie.. good to know you are reading.. am I being provocative enough :-)

Best wishes... Michael

At 1:41 PM, Anonymous Charlie said...

Pprovocative, hmmmmm ?
I don't know. To get some eBay sellers to understand the problems you mention you might have to charter one of those A380s and fly around the globe personally delivering a solid blow to their collective heads with a billy club.
BTW, there is a well established club for people who collect strands of barbed wire like the examples in the printed label you posted. I recall seeing a display of hundreds of foot long strands mounted by one affectionado arranged by manufacturer, number of strands, type and number of barbs, material and design.
And you think a set of Scott's International albums are unweildy.


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