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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Montenegro.. and for serious stamps.. Fiji

Hello, How is everyone? Well I hope. Been busy with stamps? I have. Had a wonderful weekend, sorted a few Fiji, bid on an auction site for others to fill some gaps - resuklts pending in next 7 hours so please don't compete :-) made up my free Children's Corner packets and mailed them out and, well, just had a good time.

I did have a look at some more ITA 2009 Stamps. Cannot resist showing you these. No need for me to tell you what I think of them. But hey, everyone to their own I guess. They will appeal to children I think and if that gets children interested in stamp collecting then that is all for the better.

Now about Fiji, anyone want to trade their Fiji - used in nice condition please - with some GB maybe. I am entertaining myself with Fiji these days.

As for Children's Corner, my box of spare spare stamps has got quite low. If anyone wants to donate please feel free to do so. I would be most pleased to acknowledge your contribution.

Best wishes.. Enjoy your stamps................. Michael


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