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Thursday, April 16, 2009

G is for Greenland

Hello, Well it was not difficult to find a country starting with G for this next piece on International Year of Astronomy stamps.

On the front cover of the Stamp News Australia Magazine for April is a picture of these two stamps issued by Greenland. Again, in my view, wonderful. I checked the Greenland Post Office site. I found the online magazine, Greenland Collector. Very interesting and nicely presented I thought. Post Greenland are issuing two stamps, two miniature sheets and one stamp booklet for the Europa IYA 2009 event.

The stamp booklet would be something interesting to add to ones collection I think as it contains 6 of each of the two stamps in what looks like miniature sheets of their own. Have a look at Greenland and Download the Magazine if you are interested in reading more. I think you will enjoy it.

First person to send me a booklet wins 250 Machin definitives fine used. :-)
Tomorrow, something beginning with H …………..Enjoy your stamps ………………... Michael


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