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Saturday, April 25, 2009

chat time.... and Jersey IYA 2009

Hello, just thought you might like to know the IPDA (Internet Philatelic Dealers Association)is having a marathon chat..... starting in a few hours...... going on for 24 hours... if you want to miss me don't join between 11pm and 1pm Sydney time :-)

how do you join.. just click this link IPDA Chat

Easy as... just sign in.. accept some message about Run something..... it is quite safe..... and you should find one of the IPDA directors and probably many others chatting about stamps and philatelic matters, or even life in general. Who knows :-)

But to todays stamps.

Again on my IYA theme. These are excellent in my humble view. I see these and then think of the Isle of man stamps. Maybe I was too hard on the Isle of Man, after all, they did issue for some Apollo jaunt rather than IYA. Whatever, these are another excellent design.

Want to chat with me, agree, disagree?? get my address so you can send me a IYA miniture sheet from your country in exchange for something you need maybe :-) maybe see you online later tonight...

Enjoy your stamps... Best wishes .. Michael


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